Trans Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. was set up in 1986 and launched PET bottle making technology in Pakistan to become the pioneer in this field, and is to this day one of the leading bottle manufacturers in Pakistan.

Trans Pak has employed state of the art machines which have a wide range to manufacture PET Bottles from 30 ml to 25 litre containers.

Trans Pak has been continuing & keeping its tradition of innovation by introducing new and latest technologies of bottle making in Pakistan.
* First to introduce PET SBM technology in Pakistan.
* First to introduce PET bottles for Agro Chemicals, Soft Drinks, Mineral Water, Cooking Oil and pharmacy bottle in Pakistan.
* First to introduce the fast machine of bottles making PF6 2 B NISSEI ASB in Pakistan.
* First introduced the latest technology of Stretch Blow Molding Process for 19 LTR. Poly Carbonate Bottles for drinking water ( Multitrip bottles).
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