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What is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)?PET

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic polyester resin primarily used for rigid packaging. It is the result of the polymerization of terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol. It is used in the rigid packaging industry for developing preforms that are further blow-molded into bottles, extruded into PET sheets to be thermoformed or vacuum-formed into disposable food containers, cups, etc.

An alternative to glass, it is a lightweight and cost-effective polymer with high tensile strength, and stack-ability and is highly recommended for pharmaceutical and food applications. PET is extensively used by the food and beverage industries because of its ability to withstand high and low temperatures and its barrier properties against gas and liquids. It is a highly and widely recycled plastic where Post Consumer Regrind can be recycled extensively.

Advantages of using PET Resin

It is colorless, odorless, shatter-proof, strong, and lightweight at the same time making it highly stackable in the shape of bottles and food containers.

It has inherent barrier properties that restrict gases from escaping making it ideal for packaging carbonated soft drinks.

It can withstand temperatures from -60 to 90 degrees centigrade without deforming.

It is approved as safe for food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals by the FDA and other health agencies.

It has resistance to most reactive chemicals like oils, diluted acids, pesticides, herbicides and alcohol.

Research shows that PET is free of estrogen chemicals like BPA or any other kind of endocrine disrupters.